Crossfit Batteraof: Kilometers to kick cancers’ butt!

Maikel Vanneer

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van totaal € 500 (622%)
851 km afgelegd
Mijn doel 600 km | bereikt 142%


“I experienced firsthand what the value of cancer research is in terms of early detection and my own treatment. If I would have been diagnosed a few years earlier I would have undergone substantial surgeries and I definetely would not be able to be as active as I am now. Instead I was lucky enough to receive a fairly new and very promising Immunotherapy treatment.  Immunotherapy puts your immune system into 'overdrive' so your own body is better equipped to kick the cancer cells’ butt.
I see this as a gift to have a better chance of recovery and being able to enjoy life with my wife to the full again”.  

On the Sunday 27th of June 2021 Crossfit Batteraof will host a one time “Kilometers to kick cancers’ butt” event. As a community we want to raise money for cancer research. And we need your help in order to raise money for Kankeronderzoek Limburg.   

We will be working in teams to accumulate ‘AMKAP’ as many kilometers as possible by Biking, Rowing and Running.  


Support, Share, Participate or Donate. Cancer research is the cornerstone for (early) detection and improved treatments.  


Kicking Cancers’ Butt Event 27-06-2021 | 18:00
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Kicking Cancers’ Butt Event 27-06-2021 | 18:00

851 km with a group of 26 athletes working out for two hours straight on indoor bikers, rowers, skiers, running and burpees

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